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Calendar sharing without an app

Tag events to create curated shared calendars and keep everyone up to date

Finally something to allow me to keep my team informed of my movements without having to share my entire life

One Diary works with

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Office 365
  • Outlook
  • Apple
  • Google

Share events with anyone

It doesn't matter whether you want to share with people using Apple, Google or Exchange calendars. One Diary handles it.

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Create shared events by email

One Diary allows you to create events using natural language and email. Include any #tags when creating the event and we'll handle syncing it with the right calendars

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Use the One Diary calendar API in your apps

Leverage the power of our platform to provide first class calendar integration.

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One Diary for Teams

Keep your team in the loop about your availability.

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One Diary for Families

Trying to make sure Jenny isn't left outside school on a rainy Thursday afternoon.

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As a business traveller it's a really smart, simple way of sharing what I'm doing with my family.

Ready to begin sharing calendars?